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This Directory is not a recommendation about a Therapist it is only intended as General Information.

» If you are a Dorn Method Practitioner and you want to be listed here in this Directory please e-mail me your Details and I will be glad to add your Name if necessary requirements are fulfilled.

To be listed in this Directory requires a recommendation (approval) of an authorized DORN Instructor
(» Minimum a Basic Training plus a review or advanced training must be confirmed)

» If you like to be listed in this directory please contact me for details.


Nura Zonneveld, Initiator Dorn Method Bolivia
Physical Therapist, Dorn Method Instructor
Calle: Los Laureles # 2680, Barrio: Villa Moscú, Cochabamba, Bolivia,
Tel.: 0059144291119. Mobile: 0059173782473. E-mail:

Gisela von Brunn, Dorn Method advanced Therapist, Calle: Los Laureles # 2680, Barrio: Villa Moscú , Cochabamba, Bolivia
Tel.: 00 59144451238. Mobile: 0059172765344. E-mail:

Hegor Molina Cácerez; Fisioterapeuta Kinesiólogo, terapeuta del método Dorn; Pasaje del Mitayo # 851 puente Cobija;
Cochabamba, Bolivia, teléfono 4400939-77457893;;

Lenny Helen Rivero Callejas, Physical Therapist, Dorn Method advanced Therapist, Avenida Gral. Campero 597, Barrio: Chimba, Cochabamba, Bolivia, Tel.: 0059144446749. Mobile: 0059172796255. E-mail:

Luisa Hurtado, Medical Doctor, Dorn Method advanced Therapist, Zona: El Abra, Sacaba, Cochabamba, Bolivia
Tel.: 005944714469. Mobile: 0059171475032. E-mail

Maria Jesús Zambrana Corrales, Lic. en Fisioterapia y Kinesiología, Av. Dorbignni 1248, Cochabamba, Bolivia
Tel.: 005914401072. Mobile: 0059170372473. E-mail:

Mariela Miriam Montero Montalvo, Lic. en Fisioterapia y Kinesiología, Calle: Juan de Dios Trigo # 222, Barrio: Juan XXIII, Tarija
Teléfono: 0059146661713. Celular: 00591729995701. Email:

Mariela Paz Belmonte, Lic. Fisioterapia y Kinesiología, Dorn Method advanced Therapist, Calle: Irigoyen y Siriono, Condominio 4 Estaciones. Cochabamba, Bolivia, Mobile: 0059172722907. E-mail:

Naddia G. Escobar, Physical Therapist, Dorn Method advanced Therapist, Calle: Felix Lope de Vega # 118, Barrio: Temporal, Cochabamba, Bolivia, Mobile: 0059172254117. E-mail: 

Christian Ruiz L., Fisioterapeuta Kinesiólogo, Terapeuta del Método Dorn, Calle Virginio Lema # 173, Tarija, Bolivia,
Telf.: 0059146672801. Celular: 0059172991728. E-mail:

S. Patricia Irusta Moreno, Fisioterapeuta, Dorn Method Therapist, Calle Toborochi No. 9,condominio La Hacienda II ,Santa Cruz de la Sierra-Bolivia, Tel. 3445401, Celular 72669723 , E-mail

Sofia Isabel Quiroga, Fisioterapeuta Kinesióloga, Dorn Method Therapist, Calle: Manchaypuito 1684, Zona Sarco, Cochabamba
Tel: 0059144408620. Mobile: 00 591 76990100. E-mail:

Walter Durán, Physical Therapist, Dorn Method advanced Therapist, Urb Palma Dorada,  Calle: Esmeralda N° 50, Santa Cruz, Bolivia
Mobile: 0059177652467. E-mail:


List of all other trained therapists in Bolivia:


Aida Teresa Fernández Schultze,, 4482920 (Dom) 4413736 (Cons), 77440078 Dorbigni 2236

Arcil Yucra Antezana,, 4238607, 70762597 Av. Panamericana N° 3042

Ariel Butron Castro,

Bania Ivlin Orozco Meneses,, 76426218 Colon # 0079, Sacaba, Bolivia

Carla Vidaurre Quiroga,, 4457755, 79326874 C. Manzanillas casi Cafetales #2597 (Queru Q.)

Carmen Cecilia Quiñones Luna,, 4720075, 70739710 Urb. El castillo nucleo f-99

Carmen Janeth Rojas Terceros,

Cristian Chirinos Gonzales,, 79349689

David Alfredo Morales Antezana,, 4362333, 79364237 Quillacollo

Eufronia Alvarado Gonzales,, 4217976, 79986613 Circuito Bolivia 2248

Herick Omar Ocaña Bejar,, 72735020 16 de julio # 163 entre Heroinas y Colombia

Jorge Pacífico Saravia Alanes,

Juan Carlos Rivero Callejas,, 4447386, 70372367 Av. Gral. Campero # 597, Cochabamba, Bolivia

Sofía Lorena Fiorilo Oropeza,, 4401549, 70350525 Pje. Vicuñas # 1442 (Villa Galindo)

Lorena Paula Zurita Candia,

Lucrecia Issa Skaric,, 4458843 (dom) 4530229 (cons), 72702404 C. Laureles # 224

Madelen Gutierrez Virreyra,, 4373237, 79356978 Av. Blanco Galindo Km. 6.5, # 14

Marcela E. Andia Garvizu,, 4231664, 77969832 Av. Heroinas # 1718.

María Lourdes Montaño Claros,,, 4248793, 75946064, C/ Nueva Granada 2110

Mauricio Cabrera Ponce,, casa: 44403320, cons: 44799557, 70728828 Av. Pando # 1336.

Mauricio Eduardo Gutierrez Espinoza,, 4720911, 72225335 C-27 Urb. El Castillo

Micaela Vargas Ticona,, 72264760 16 de julio # 163 entre Heroinas y Colombia

Miriam Patricia del Castillo Vargas,, 4246220, 79734629, 72279511 C. Thampa # 127 Sarco

Paulo Ricardo Teran Orihuela,,, 70780084 

Rocío Terán Rodriguez,, 4420357, 4445448, 72279964 America Oeste final  N° 96

Wálter Iván Barriga García,, 4246675 (dom) 4282669 (Cons), 72713479 C. Mauricio de Febri. Coña Coña

Yolanda Camacho Vedia,, 4367824, 71796633 Av. Santa Cruz s/n Quillacollo

Yusela Peredo Sandoval,, 4701598, 72738804 C. Marcelo Quiroga S/n Esq. La Paz (Sacaba)

Anahí Cortez Orozco,, 77078990 Universo N°790

Cinthia Rioja Arrien,, 75012388 Av. Busch C/ santos Ortiz N° 2

Elizabeth Abujder,, 71621752 Av. Sirari

Enrique Mendivil Ortiz,, 3340480, 70842616 Calle: Teniente Arteaga N° 73

Jaenne Carla Camacho C.,, 70877855 B/ hamacas y 4to anillo N° 270

Jannet Antonieta Corcos Riveros,, 76384902 Av. Alemania Calle Ascencion N° 3620

Jose Eduardo Cabrera Rodriguez,, 76111761 Alberto Reyes Daris N° 46

Julio Cesar Medrano,, 3303867, 70846828 C/ costa rica N° 46

Luz Maria Claure Rioja,, 3369609, 75004441 Av.Bush calle. Platanillo edf. Motoyoe Dept 4B

Patricia Jaramillo Cardozo,, 72170440 Condominio Sevilla II J-16

Sandra Patricia Irusta Moreno,, 72669723 Av. Beni 5to anillo Cond. La Hacienda II

Silvana Amparo Portales Hurtado,, 75776784 Av. Viedma esq. Brasil




» If you like to be listed in this directory please contact me for details.
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NOTE: Never try to use the DORN Method on other people without proper training best conducted by an authorized DORN Method Instructor. Although the DORN Method and the Self Help Exercises are very safe if done correctly, the DORN practitioner is not responsible for any consequences resulting from the application during the manual session and Selfhelp exercises. In any case it is advised to consult your doctor first because health problems and back pains may have other causes than misaligned joints and vertebrae and should be checked by a trained medical doctor or other healthcare professional. The DORN Method has certain Limitations that must be cleared prior to any practical application! Remember: The DORN Method is NO Replacement for any other form of medical or non-medical treatment but it can be a very effective complement in an integrative medical system.

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